Russell’s Bistro: An Unexpected Experience

In order to make delicious food, you must eat delicious food. The quality of ingredients is important, but one must develop a palate capable of discerning good and bad. Without good taste, you can’t make good food. If your sense of taste is lower than that of the customers how will you impress them? – Jiro, Jiro Dreams of Sushi

When I took a bite of my entree for the first time, it was immediately apparent that the chef at Russell’s Bistro has had their fair share of delicious food growing up. It’s rare to find such quaint and elegant places almost empty on a Friday evening, especially in Austin. Continue reading

Welcome to ATXFoodies

/food•ie/: Taking Instagrams of food instead of eating it – Parks and Rec

Hello Austinites, foodies, and alike! Welcome to my blog! I wanted to start off by sharing a little bit about the purpose of this blog so that I can set the tone for what you can expect from this site. Continue reading