My Ontario Trip in Pictures

Ted Mosby [envisioning what a Canadian wedding would be like]: Canada? Are you registered at Tim Horton’s?

Lily Aldrin: What, are you gonna walk down the aisle wearing snow shoes?

Barney: What do we ask on the wedding invitation, will you be having the elk, or the moose?

I went to Ontario, Canada for work last week, and I have to say: Good job Toronto, and good job Markham, for having amazing food everywhere. I literally was not disappointed by a single dining experience I had. No, I didn’t only go to the $$$ 5-star Yelp places. Although amazingly, that’s what it felt like when I ate. Here’s what my experience was like, in pictures. Continue reading


Beginner’s Guide to Sushi Junai

[Waiter]: Excuse me. [Arthur Spooner]: Yes? [Waiter]: Are you also having the buffet, sir? [Arthur]: How DARE you make such an accusation?! I fought for this country!

[Doug]: Yes, we have been sharing. Here’s $20 for two buffets, keep the change.

I’m no sushi expert. But even I know that what you’re getting at Sushi Junai isn’t the best sushi. It’s a $30/person all you can eat where everything is made to order. From appetizers to rolls, nigiri to dessert, there’s a vast array of choices here that may overwhelm the first timer. It’s a lot to process, so unless you’re a competitive eater, I highly suggest that you walk in with a strategy. This guide isn’t meant to help you maximize value – it won’t give you a sense that you’ve beaten the system. Instead, it’s meant to give you the most enjoyable experience.

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